Achieve Your Personal Success with 3 simple steps!

Personal success leads to professional success. One cannot live without another. But most importantly, personal success is the key to happiness. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what you do. As long as you succeed… Continue Reading →


This week, one of PopDQ parenting experts, Mia Von Scha is giving the details out for parents who have been dealing with a highly sensitive child. She knows exactly how it feels to be one of them. Here’s what Mia… Continue Reading →

8 Lesser Known Ways To Protect Your Heart

It’s estimated that as many as one in three heart attacks are linked with an unhealthy diet, and an unhealthy lifestyle accounts for most of the others. You probably know the usual advice to reduce your risk of a heart… Continue Reading →

A Former Sex Worker on “Who Inspired Me To Become The Woman I Am Today” #InternationalWomensDayEdition

The twenty-first-century has seen women achieving tremendous progress towards gender equality over the rights that have been denied to them. Although let’s agree on one fact, the twenty-first-century has also seen some loopholes which are continuously making women feel like… Continue Reading →

6 Top Diet & Nutrition Practices Post Chinese New Year Bingeing! [Q&A With Expert Dietitions on PopDQ]

After the non-stop Chinese New Year customary home visitations with relatives, snacks and cookies bingeing, endless “Yee Sang” dinners with friends, colleagues and work associates, and midnight feedings, feelings of guilt tend to naturally set in… After all, it’s only… Continue Reading →

Olympic Weightlifting 101: By PopDQ Fitness Expert, Benjamin Goh

In this article, our resident fitness expert and founder of The Vanguard Weightlifting facility Benjamin Goh shares about the challenging yet highly rewarding sport of Olympic weightlifting. The popular sport is quickly gaining traction on the world stage today, with… Continue Reading →

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5 Biggest Lies Startup Founders Tell Investors: Q&A With Industry Leaders on PopDQ App

Is hyperbole the rice bowl of startups? As a startup, your early founding years are the most critical. You’re breaking through to a brave new world, where you’re no longer cushioned in the foetal safety of your employer’s womb for… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Mistake Men Make When Sending Flowers: By PopDQ Expert, Flowerman

In this article, our resident relationship and floral expert Augustine Goh shares some advice on expressing your affection to your significant other this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Most times, us men are stumped when it comes to Valentine’s Day and we… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Build Your Knowledge, Expertise & Income Streams on PopDQ App

In life, there are two important banks to fill: your knowledge bank and physical bank! The former bank helps you grow the latter in your pursuit of personal value, achievement, wealth and happiness. On this important cornerstone, PopDQ was born…. Continue Reading →

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