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1. How do I sign up for my PopDQ account?

You can sign up for an account via Google Plus, Facebook or using your Email Address. Registration is free and open for all to ask questions, as well as to be on our answering panel.

2. Can I change my username?

Sorry, you will not be able to change your username via the app. But, you can always write in to us at popmeaquestion@popdq.com for assistance.

3. Can I change my email address?

Sorry, you are unable to do this via the app. But, do write to us at popmeaquestion@popdq.com and we will assist you with your request.

4. How do I edit my Profile?

Go to your “Profile” page on the menu bar to start editing your profile.

For the Curious (Askers)

1. How do I buy credits to ask questions?

Just click on the “Buy Credits” tab in the menu page and select the amount of credit you’ll like to purchase.

2. How do I ask a question?

Just click on the “Pop A Question” button to start asking your question. You can get your answer in the form of a text, audio or video reply, whichever is available.

3. How do I find users in an area of expertise to ask my question?

Go to “Explore” and in the search bar, select “Browse by Area of Expertise”.

4. What happens when the answer given is not what I asked for?

We advise the Curious to be clear in the questions they ask so that our Know-it-all can provide the best possible answer to what he/she is happy to share. Once an answer is provided, you will be charged and it is non-refundable.

5. How much do I need to pay to ask a question?

The fee vary based on the price set by the Know-it-alls. Sometimes, the Know-it-alls don’t charge a fee at all! You can go to their individual pages to view their charges beforehand.

6. How do I report an inappropriate answer?

You can click on the “Report” button (on the top right corner of the question) to report any inappropriate answers. We will review all reports and take the necessary action.

7. What’s the best practice for asking questions? / Can I really ask anything under the sun?

Generally, you can ask any questions, as long as it is not requesting for any type of services, or questions that intend to harass, threaten, deceive or spam. Also, your questions should not contain nudity, sexual, harmful or dangerous content.

For the Know-it-alls (Respondents)

1. How much should I charge the Curious?

It’s your call. You can set and adjust your charges as you go so that it won’t be too high or too low. Hint: You can opt to give out free answers at the beginning to have a feel of how things work.

2. What do I do with inappropriate questions?

We are very strict when it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy platform for our community of users to impart and share knowledge. Please report any inappropriate / offensive users to us by clicking on the “Report” button (on the top right corner of the question). We will review all reports and take the necessary action.

3. How do I know if there’s a question for me?

You will receive an app notification whenever you get a question(s). Otherwise, you can always check for new questions in the “My Answers” section.

4. How do I answer a question?

To answer the question, click on “My Answers” and select the question with a green “Answer” button to reply.

5. How do I ask the Curious a question that is related to what he/she has asked?

For now, you’ll have to ask your question as a new question to him/her. We’re continuously improving on the app, so in the near future, you’ll be able to pose a question back to the Curious, or entertain new questions related to the original question posed.

6. What’s the best practice for answering questions?

Generally, the answers that you provide should be relevant and be of help/use to the Curious. You are however, not allowed to offer any type of services, or answer with the intention to harass, threaten, deceive or spam. Also, your answers should not contain nudity, sexual, harmful or dangerous content.

7. How do I join the panel of experts?

Step 1: Sign up for an account here: http://www.popdq.com
Step 2: Go to “My Profile” in the menu bar.
Step 3: Fill up your details i.e. a short description of yourself, your expertise and expected charges for answering a question - either for FREE or up to $249.99!

8. How do I get my profile verified as a professional / celebrity / industry expert?

First, click here to get your profile verified. Do ensure that your PopDQ profile is complete. We will give you a call for verification purpose.

For Eavesdroppers

1. How do I view an answer?

Just click on any of these icons to view either a text, audio or video answer.

2. How do I locate every single answer that I’ve eavesdropped and viewed?

You can locate all of your viewed / purchased answers in “My Views” page in the app.

3. How much do I have to pay for eavesdropping an answer?

It varies based on the format of the answer you’re eavesdropping.


1. How do I withdraw my earnings?

To withdraw earnings, please visit this link
Note: Bank Transfer is currently only available in Malaysia and Singapore.

2. Why am I earning only 50% of what I have quoted?

Google and Apple In-App Purchases are entitled to a 30% profit / revenue for each transaction made through the app. PopDQ charges 20% for the administrative and management fees to ensure that the app remains a fun, healthy and reliable platform for all kinds of knowledge sharing.

3. How much do I earn from the eavesdroppers?

It varies based on the format of the answer you’ve provided.

4. Can I use the earnings in my account to ask questions?

Yes, you can! Go to “My Accounts View”, click on the “Transfer to Credits” button to convert your earnings to credit.

5. I have some credits left in my account. Can I withdraw them?

No, you are not allowed to withdraw credits from your account. / Sorry, withdrawing credits from your account is not allowed.


1. I have a question for the PopDQ team. How do I get in touch?

Just pop us a question anytime at popmeaquestion@popdq.com